Trouble Finding A Good Domain Name? Try These Domain Tools


Worried about finding a good domain name? All one letter and even good 2 – 3 letter domains have been registered and you’re searching for a good domain for your next project. Don’t worry there are still good domains available, all you have to do is be creative and use a good domain suggestion tool. I still manage to register some good domain names with help of these tools.

Bust A Name is at top of these tools. Bust a Name suggests available domain names based on user-defined keywords.

After you add keywords, the tool suggests different available domains using your keywords and suggests synonyms to increase your possibilities. Bust a Name also has a dynamic search a la previously mentioned Instant Domain Search. If you’ve ever tried snagging a descriptive domain, you probably know that finding an unparked domain is a challenge. Bust a Name provides a nice set of tools for finding a good domain without resorting to gibberish and hyphens.

Domain hacks lets you find a domain that combines domain labels, especially the top-level domain (TLD), to spell out the full “name” or title of the domain, making a kind of pun, for example has advanced query features that allow you to refine your domain query for starting with, ending with, max letters, language rules random names and more and believe me it works like a magic.

Just Dropped is a website where you can search recently deleted domain names. You can find some good domain names from these recently deleted domain names but beware that there is a chance that you are going to register a domain name banned from search engines or black listed in Adsense.

DomainsBot is a domain search engine, give you suggestions and show availability of domain names. I’d personally used DomainsBot to find some really good domain names. It gives you an inline ajax auto complete feature for searching domain names.

What if your creative sense is dried up? Don’t worry use Word Mixer Enter 5 words and get 2-3 syllable results or use Dot-o-mator for mixing letters and to make up your own words and make up a nifty Web 2.0 domain name.Split It! Before you finally register a domain name try Split It! It visually shows you how your domain name string will be split. Use this to avoid getting an accidentally funny domain name

Improve Domain Name Security, Lessons Learned From Domain Name Hijacking

Every bad thing, every hard time I faced in my life, I learned some lesson out of it. These lessons were hard to learn. Infact there is a positive attached with every negative situation. Worst times of your life makes you perfect.

Due to recent domain name hijacking I learned how to safeguard your assets online and to protect your identity. I’m at initial stages of my career as a web entrepreneur so this knowledge that I gained during this bad time will help me in the long run. Off course as a reader you can also benefit from my experiences.

So here we go with some quick security tips.

Domain Name Account Protection

Domain names are the cheapest thing when you build a website, you can buy for a few bucks while you pay lot more (hundreds or thousands of dollars) for hosting every year.Imagine if you are left without your domain name (your domain name is hijacked) what you have got? A hosting account with CMS/template files and a database! These files of your website are of no use for you without a domain name.

Its very important to register your domain name with a registrar that is secure and have a proven security record. I registered my domains with, they have pretty good security on domain accounts. If my account was hacked it was not the fault of domain registrar, my email account got hacked first and then cracker took control of my domain name account. However helped me out and I took my account back.

Hint offer an added layer of security with their name safe service, $20 yearly fee and you are more protected.

If you are looking for a proven security record. The only domain registrar that has a proven security record is Moniker offers personalized security questions for each of your domain names. Even if someone cracked your ID & password with Moniker, they cannot move or change your domains without answering these security questions.

Domain registrar support service is also very important, what if your account is hacked and you cannot get to their support department for several days? Please research on their support response time before registering with them.

Your domain registrar should not be a reseller. Yes, if your domain registrar is a reseller, if he is a one man company. What if he closes his business or he get ill or die? Or worst move out of country, what will happen to your domain names? People those are registering domain names in India and Pakistan (or other small countries) with local companies are actually registering with domain resellers, these are individuals (with few exceptions) charging you high prices and putting you at a risk. Always register your domains with ICANN aggregated domain registrar.

Email address that you are using when registering domains is also important. If you (or your company) can afford get a secured email account (paid) for your domain names. Don’t go for free email services. Every time a domain is hijacked the reason come to know is free email services like Gmail, Yahoo! mail or Hotmail.

Use a separate email address for registering domain names, other then your general/personal email address.

Hint You should use a different email address in billing, contact and administration information in domain who is. Don’t use email address that you used with your account registration (account ID). For example, I registered my domain account with email ID while in who is information I used This way crackers don’t get know what email address is used to register that domain account.

How to Create Multiple Adsense Accounts

with separate address from that of previous one to create another Adsense account. It means one individual cannot have two Adsense accounts but your siblings, spouse or a friend can have another account for you.

You have two options.

1. Create an account in name of some relative or friend but use a separate address.

2. Register a company and create Adsense account in name of that business. You will need a bank account in name of that company in order to receive payments. To have more then one account, setup multiple companies and have Adsense account in their name. Only limitation is that they should have separate address.

Some have worried about using their Adsense accounts from the same I.P. I haven’t seen this to be a problem. Set your accounts up legitimately and don’t worry about it.

This is the legitimate way of setting up multiple Adsense accounts. There are many ways to do it non-legit ;)

List Of Different Online Money Making Opportunities

In this article/guide, you will find a list of opportunities to earn money online.

Nowadays, you can easily make a living online: but first: you need to know in detail about all the available opportunities on the internet.

Some of these opportunities are 100% free to join. For such opportunities, you will never invest any money. Most of the people will prefer these opportunities as they do not want to get scammed on the internet.

In order to be safe: it is quite understandable that a person will only participate in opportunities where no investments are required. If we do not pay any cash from our pocket, then no one can scam us right?

This article/guide has a list of opportunities where no investments are required. And for people who wish to know about opportunities where we need to invest some cash, in order to get started: this article will help as it also lists these kinds of opportunities.

If you want to make a living online, then this article has all the information that you need to know. Read More

What are Data Entry Jobs?

Data entry category includes simple jobs like: typing, online form filling, data collecting, image editing, document formatting etc. Any person who can operate a PC can do this work. All that you need is a computer and an internet connection.

What does Free Online Jobs mean?, Learn How And Where To Get Free Online Jobs

It simply means that you can get different kind of jobs on the internet including: data entry, copywriting, coding etc. And for doing these jobs, you will earn legitimate money. In order to get these jobs, you do not have to pay any fee [it is 100% Free to get these jobs].

You will never invest anything: not even a single cent. There is no FEE of any kind. All you have to invest is, Your Time.

You can make a very decent living online via doing these onlinejobs. And the best thing is that: you will be doing this work while you stay at home.

All-in-One Hosting Option: Site Build It

This host is ideal if you plan on selling hard goods and/or want to learn how to make money from your website. If you choose this method you don't have to register a domain name separately because everything you need is included in the price.

I repeat...

If you choose Site Build It!, you do not need to go to to buy a domain name, choose hosting or anything. Site Build It! takes care of all that for you.

All the tools you need for building your site are in one place. The domain name, hosting, web page building tools, marketing help, search engine submission, ranking reports, you name it!

SBI! uses templates so no HTML knowledge is necessary. All you do is choose a template of your choice and add your text to build your website.

Don't get me wrong. You can use Powweb or's regular hosting plan for a money-making website, but you don't get the marketing and search engine ranking help that you will definitely need if you want to draw in targeted traffic.

I would never say you must use SBI! to achieve success, I'm just saying it's the best system I know. A lot of people attempt to build an ecommerce website using one of the less expensive hosts only to come back to Site Build It because they need help driving traffic to their sites.

After all, if you don't learn how to generate traffic, you won't make any money.

The other hosts mentioned here do not show you how to get a top 10 ranking in the major search engines. You are on your own.

SBI also comes with a brainstorming tool to help you pinpoint the most profitable topic (high demand and low supply). Often times people choose the wrong topic/niche because of too much competition or not enough people searching for it. SBI makes sure you don't make that mistake.

At $25/month ($299 per year), SBI may cost more than the other hosts listed here, but it will cut out numerous learning hurdles of both creating and marketing your site